“Our vision for ‘Antarctica Dreaming’ is to take viewers into a raw and wild place to present a timeless, breathtaking movie experience. The screen should vanish entirely – that’s the real essence of Antarctica – a place with no frame, no boundaries. Infinite.”

David HannanCreator of Antarctica Dreaming & Coral Sea Dreaming

About Antarctica Dreaming – Wildlife on Ice

Prepare to be amused, informed, mesmerized & entertained.

Imagine a world coloured by ice and fire, carved by hurricane force winds, weighted by glaciers, carpeted by wildlife perfectly adapted to freezing conditions and winters of perpetual darkness: a world essentially inhospitable to man, still largely unexplored. It is the White Continent… Antarctica.

Few have ventured here. Even fewer have made films about it.

Imagine now a film that captures this untameable place with state-of-the-art technology and award-winning filmmaking skills: an exceptional documentary and a musical odyssey – the perfect Antarctic souvenir.

Antarctica Dreaming is now available for viewing on Vimeo VOD.

“This is such an extraordinary place, it really defies words. So we felt it was best to allow animal behaviour, weather and music to drive the story. We wanted the script and editing to reflect the timeless quality of Antarctica and allow viewers to really meditate on its grandeur,”

Toni Houston, Writer & Editor

Not an Ordinary Documentary?

What sets Antarctica Dreaming – Wildlife on Ice apart is its approach to the subject. Unlike many traditional documentaries, it doesn’t rely on a presenter, nor is it heavy with facts and figures, instead accompanied by a minimalist musical score that emphasizes the natural ambience of each location, allowing the viewer to truly see, hear and feel the environment in all its breadth.

Each scene is a stand-alone ‘window’ into a different part of the environment or set of characters, so it can be viewed as a series of mini-documentaries or in its entirety as a feature length documentary movie experience.

Some of the fascinating creatures in the program include:

  • King & Rockhopper penguins in spectacular landscapes
  • Gentoo, Adelie and Chinstrap penguins raising chicks
  • Fur Seals entire life-cycle
  • Elephant seals moulting & sparring
  • Weddell, Crabeater & Leopard seals
  • Rare Wandering Albatross courtship display

All told, Antarctica Dreaming – Wildlife on Ice is a timeless classic, suitable for all ages and audiences worldwide, both informative and entertaining feature documentary as well as a relaxing musical odyssey. It’s the ultimate Antarctic souvenir and an emotive record of a vanishing world.

Chronicling Antarctica is one of the most profound experiences of my career. It’s a place that’s bigger than your imagination … beyond comprehension really,

David Hannan, Producer & Cinematographer

See Antarctica Dreaming

A timeless, breathtaking feature-length documentary movie experience and a true musical odyssey – out now on Vimeo VOD or Blu-Ray Disc in full HD.

Released on Blu-Ray Disc in February 2010 by Roadshow Entertainment throughout Australia, New Zealand and Oceania, Antarctica Dreaming – Wildlife on Ice is still available from a reseller near you.

The Blu-Ray Disc features a unique ‘Narration On/Off’ function so viewers can choose either informative narration, or become immersed in natural sounds and an uplifting music score, all presented in 5.1 surround Dolby Digital sound over 83 minutes. Six bonus educational video segments complete the package.

Blu-Ray only available Australia, New Zealand

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